How to Use English Learning Videos to Improve Your Skills

By EZclassTuesday, June 20 2023

Technology has changed the way we learn languages. Now, with just a device with an internet connection, students can access a wide variety of language learning resources, including educational videos. In this article, we will discuss how to use English learning videos to improve your skills.



Choose the right video
The first thing you should do is choose the right video for your needs and skills. If you are a beginner in learning English, look for videos that are designed for beginners, use simple language, and focus on basic topics such as greetings, numbers, and basic vocabulary. If you are already at an advanced level, look for videos that focus on more complex topics such as advanced grammar, pronunciation and fluent conversation.



Use subtitles
If you are still not comfortable with your English listening comprehension, you may want to use subtitles. Many online educational videos offer English subtitles that can help you follow the content as you listen. As you improve your listening comprehension, you can try watching videos without subtitles.



Practice pronunciation
One of the biggest benefits of using English learning videos is the ability to practice pronunciation. Listen carefully to how words are pronounced and repeat them out loud. If possible, try to record yourself to see if you are pronouncing correctly.



Take the time to understand the content
Do not rush through the video without fully understanding the content. Take notes and pause the video to look for words or phrases you don't understand. Make sure you fully understand the content before moving on to the next video.



Re-watch the videos
To consolidate your learning, it is advisable to watch the videos again. This will give you the opportunity to reinforce your understanding and also identify areas where you may need more practice.


In summary, English learning videos are a valuable tool for improving your English skills. By choosing the right video, using subtitles, practicing pronunciation, taking the time to understand the content and re-watching the videos, you can improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation and fluency in English.