English Learning Tips for Kids in El Salvador

By EZclassSunday, June 18 2023

In a globalized world with increasing demand for language skills, learning English has become a necessity for many children in El Salvador. Here are some tips to help children improve their English learning.


Language Exposure
It is important for children to be exposed to the English language on a consistent basis. You can encourage this exposure by listening to music in English, watching TV shows or movies in English, and reading books in English. It is even recommended that parents speak English at home.

Games and activities in English can be a fun and effective way for children to learn English. You can use English board games, riddles, songs and online games to encourage language practice.


English classes
While children can learn English at school, they can also take additional English classes outside of school hours. These classes can be face-to-face or online and will provide children with an environment conducive to learning.



Oral practice
It is important that children have the opportunity to practice speaking in English. You can encourage this practice through role-playing, discussions and informal chats in English.



Reading in English
Reading in English is an effective way to improve children's vocabulary and reading comprehension. You can provide them with books in English appropriate for their age and reading level.



English learning apps
There are many apps available for mobile devices that can help children improve their English learning. These apps can be interactive games, vocabulary and grammar exercises, and also offer the opportunity to listen and practice pronunciation.



English language travel and experiences
Travel to English-speaking countries and immersive language experiences can be an effective way to improve English language learning. While it is not always possible to travel abroad, online experiences such as cultural exchanges and online immersion programs can be sought out.


In short, learning English can be a fun and effective process for children in El Salvador. Constant exposure to the language, games and activities in English, additional English classes, oral practice, reading in English, English learning apps, and English experiences can help children improve their English skills.