10 Must-Know English Idioms

By EZclassFriday, June 16 2023

Languages can be tricky to learn, especially when it comes to popular languages like English. The English language has many twists and turns, and idioms are no exception. Here are 10 English idioms you should know to improve your understanding of the language and to sound like a native speaker.



"It's raining cats and dogs."
This idiom means it's raining very hard. Although it doesn't make much sense literally, it is commonly used in the English language.


"To kill two birds with one stone"
This idiom means to accomplish two goals with one action. It is an efficient way of doing several things at once.


"To break a leg"
This idiom means to wish someone good luck. Although it may seem strange, it is commonly used before a performance or an important event.


"To let the cat out of the bag."
This idiom means to reveal a secret. It is commonly used when someone accidentally reveals information they shouldn't have.


"To hit the nail on the head"
This idiom means to hit the nail on the head or to do something correctly. It is a common expression in the English language.


"To pull someone's leg"
This idiom means to joke with someone or to make a joke. It is a common form of humor in the English language.


"To cut corners."
This idiom means to do something quickly and easily, but often at the expense of quality or safety. Cutting corners in important situations is not recommended.


"To be a piece of cake"
This idiom means that something is very easy to do. It is a common way of saying that something is not a challenge.


"To see eye to eye"
This idiom means to agree with someone. It is a common way of expressing agreement or consensus.


"To get cold feet"
This idiom means to be afraid or hesitant to do something at the last minute. It is a common idiom in the English language to describe the anxiety you feel before doing something important.


Knowing these idioms can help you improve your understanding of the English language and sound more natural when speaking with native speakers. Feel free to use them when appropriate and learn more to improve your English language skills.